How to Get into the Cloud

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google vs officeSo… you want to go to the cloud.  You need to work there so that means picking some software… and the best options are either Google Apps or Microsoft Office 360.

When comparing these two, it is important to consider all expenses, including time and money related to training.  If you and your employees are comfortable with the Microsoft interface, then the switch to Microsoft Office 360 will be easier.  It may take a only few seconds more to complete a task in an unfamiliar setting but there are hundreds of tasks in an eight hour workday and those few seconds can mean one or two hours of lost productivity.  At two hours, that’s 20%!  Not a reassuring number in a “do more with less” world.

Most people agree that, if you want spreadsheet capabilities and formulas, Microsoft Excel is much better than its competitor is.  And that brings…

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